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Building affordable housing in Thame with the people who will live there.

We're supporting residents of Thame to build their own Community-led housing.

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We are Transition by Design, a design collective at the junction of architecture, strategic design and social change.

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Not all ideas find their way into reality; some never make it off the page. This is where you can explore our sketches – things we imagined but which never came to be.

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Research & writing

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Doing meanwhile well: How to create effective and impactful temporary use

Doing meanwhile well: How to create effective and impactful temporary use

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Homemaker Oxford - how could empty and underused spaces in the city help us tackle extreme housing need?

We've spent the past four years looking into innovative and community-led solutions for Oxford's housing crisis. Here's what we've learnt.

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Have your say! Oxford City Council & Transition by Design holds upcoming community engagement events for the Blackbird Leys Community Centre Redevelopment

Oxford City Council, together with Transition by Design (local community engagement specialists), are excited to share about upcoming community engagement…

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Want to help shape the future Blackbird Leys Community Centre?

Join the Leys’ Community Review Panel Want to help shape the future design of the Blackbird Leys Community Centre? We…

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