Want to help shape the future Blackbird Leys Community Centre?

Join the Leys’ Community Review Panel

Want to help shape the future design of the Blackbird Leys Community Centre? We are recruiting local residents to join a Leys Community Review Panel, who will play a key role in shaping the designs of the community centre. The Panel will help to make sure the design reflects the values and aspirations of the people of the Leys. The panel is organised and chaired by Oxford-based designers, community engagement consultants and architects, Transition by Design.

What is the Community Review Panel?

Oxford City Council wants to make sure that current residents of the Leys play a key role in shaping the design of their local community centre. The Community Review Panel will ensure that the new community centre is designed to a high quality, and meets the needs of people in the Leys at present day and in the future. The Community Review Panel will act as an independent, advisory role during the design process, discussing issues such as the brief, materials and spatial design of the community centre.

The panel will meet at least three times throughout the design stage prior to the submission of the full planning application for the community centre. The discussions from the panel meeting will inform a report, and feed into decisions made by the design team. The panel’s recommendations will be taken seriously as a formal part of the planning process.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people from all backgrounds over the age of 18 for the panel. We are looking for people who are local residents of the Leys (Blackbird Leys or Greater Leys) and we are looking to have a minimum of 12 panel members. We are really interested in hearing from people who are not involved in community groups or in any groups that will already be involved in key decision making within Blackbird Leys. This is because we want those whose voices may not currently be heard to be involved. You do not need to have a background in design, architecture or planning.

We’re looking for people who can:

  • bring a unique understanding of the Leys and local needs
  • bring constructive feedback and ideas on proposals for the community centre
  • contribute well in meetings, both with a motivation for collaboration and with respect for others contribution to discussions.

Transition by Design will be responsible for managing the panel as well as the recruitment, to make sure that it is independent and to be able to effectively communicate the panel’s views to the council and the design team. There will be a small gift given for each of the panel members’ time for each meeting attended.

How can I get involved?

We hope that you would be interested in applying to be a member of the Leys Community Review Panel. Please fill out an application form and we will get in touch with you for further details and we will be in touch if you are shortlisted.

Applications are now closed for the Leys Community Review Panel. If we have a future panel refresh to add additional members we will launch a new recruitment.