Wongani Mwanza

Architect & Participatory Urban Designer


Wongani has worked on projects across Oxfordshire and North East England in the residential, health and education sector, and has international experience in Sweden working for Krook & Tjäder on projects and design competitions across the country.

Wongani is passionate about the circular economy, and his masters thesis focused on an architectural system driven by principles of repair and reuse. His work was exhibited in the Royal Institute of British Architects’ ‘Industrialised’ exhibition at Portland Place, London.

Wongani has a strong desire to see all parts of society represented through and shaping the built environment using community engagement. He is motivated by a strong belief that understanding the social and environmental context will aid in delivering informed, accessible and innovative design.

Wongani was selected by the Design Council to be part of their network of design experts in 2021.