Leys Community Review Panel has launched!

We had our first initial Leys Community Review Panel meeting on Thursday 21st September!

The Leys Community Review Panel involves a panel of 11 local residents to the Leys who will help to shape the design of the new Blackbird Leys Community Centre. We were excited to hear about the thoughts of local residents and the project team will be taking them into consideration as they start the design process.

JTP (lead consultant / architects) presented the analysis of the existing brief provided by Oxford City Council. A comprehensive explanation of the community centre’s context, considering the approved plans of the wider regeneration was provided.

We led a dynamic brainstorming workshop, encouraging LCRP members to explore community dreams, challenges, opportunities, and learnings from the existing centre. The discussion touched on diverse topics, including art spaces, kitchens, live performances, and community engagement with other areas of Oxford.

Establishing a Shared Vision: A shared vision emerged during the meeting, emphasising flexible space, a welcoming atmosphere, and community ownership. Discussions included concerns about sustainability, transport and the importance of engaging youth groups in the design process.

The meeting concluded with a recap of common themes, highlighting the need for flexibility, long-term sustainability, community ownership, and pride. The Community Review Panel expressed a desire for a well-designed, flexible, and affordable space that brings people together.

This is the first of several engagement events that will be happening during the design process for the community centre, and Transition by Design will hold further workshops and engagement events for both key stakeholders and the wider public, so keep an eye out for more information!

Wongani feedbing back the thoughts from the brainstorming exercise of the Leys Community Review Panel.