Beginning in January 2018, Homemaker Oxford is a three-year action research project experimenting with how empty or underused urban space might be used to tackle Oxford’s rising homelessness crisis.

We are using design thinking to interrogate the current approach in Oxford to housing provision for rough sleepers and for refugees and asylum seekers at risk of homelessness.

Homemaker Oxford works on the principle that…

  • …every person has a right to a home.
  • …people with lived experience of homelessness should be at the heart of the process for designing and delivering their homes.
  • …all actors have a role to play in the provision of housing for vulnerable minorities, including developers and land owners.
  • …short-term fixes must be complimentary to longer-term systems change.

We are currently in the discovery phase, exploring the feasibility of three approaches; tiny modular housing units, rapid retrofitting of empty space and awareness raising around community-based shelter and support systems.

In partnership with like-minded organisations, our aim is to develop new units of safe and appropriate shelter, with a community-based support system ready for occupation in Winter 2019.

We are actively looking to work with organisations who are exploring similar issues and approaches. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved or know more.